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Privacy Statement

Last updated May 2018

This privacy statement sets out ProPharma Partners’ current policies and demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the privacy of your data. We may change our privacy statement at any time in the future.

ProPharma Partners Limited is a consulting company to Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechnology Organisations and Academic Institutions and has clients around the world.

The following data are held by ProPharma Partners Limited on all clients

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Name of Contact in accounts department
  • Name of Project Leader
  • Position within the company of contacts
  • E-mail addresses of contacts
  • Telephone numbers of contacts

The data are held to enable the contracts with clients to be fulfilled, data on the contact people within a client company or on a sole trader are held to facilitate communication about the respective projects. In addition, data on personnel responsible for payments of invoices is held to enable invoices to be submitted for payments. We only use personal information to administer accounts and to provide the services as contracted. ProPharma Partners does not collect sensitive information about identifiable persons. Personal information is not passed on to any third parties without obtaining the agreements of the person concerned. ProPharma Partners Limited may be required, from time to time, to disclose customer information to Governmental or judicial bodies or agencies.

These data are held on the stand-alone computers of the employee(s) working on the relevant project and on the accounts computer for purposes of ensuring the contracts are fulfilled and are backed up to other media.

In addition to the data on active clients, there will also be contact details relating to old clients, where projects may have ended but new work may be forthcoming, and from potential new clients where discussions regarding potential work are ongoing or proposals are being generated.

All client data are retained under the basis of legitimate interest or contract, as applicable, for the purpose of enabling business to be conducted.

Computer Requirements for Protection of Data

All computers used by employees of ProPharma Partners Limited will hold some personal data, be it on employees or clients. For this reason, all computers are password protected.

Destruction of records of Personal Data

Personal data that are no longer required will be destroyed, where legally possible.

Clients’ Data

Once a contract has come to an end and it is known for certain that no more work will be undertaken for that client, the contact details of the client may be destroyed. Where there is a possibility of further work occurring with a client, e.g. another consulting company that periodically requires the support of ProPharma Partners Limited, data relating to contacts will be retained under a basis of legitimate interest.

Individual’s Rights

Individuals have the right to be informed what data we hold on them, and they have rights to have access to the data, to rectify the data and to seek erasure of the data. You can check the data held on you by e-mailing data@propharmapartners.uk.com

We will keep a record of the request and any other correspondence relating to such requests and records of the outcome.

If an individual requests erasure of personal data, we will comply with the request as long as it is legal to do so. If it is determined that erasure of personal data would contravene legal requirements we will not be able to erase the data until the statutory time period for holding the data has elapsed. We will inform the requesting party of this legal requirement.

Other matters

Third Party Contacts
Occasionally clients ask employees in ProPharma Partners Limited if it is possible to provide services outside of the scope of our work. In these circumstances, in order to assist the client, it might be possible to recommend another person or group that we have worked with in the past that could provide the appropriate services. In this context, the ProPharma Partners Limited employee will inform the client that he/she may know someone or an organisation (third Party) who could help and he/she will contact the third party to enquire if they are interested in and able to help. If the third party is interested in helping, the employee will obtain consent to provide the contact details to both parties for the mutual benefit of the parties.

Clinical trial Data
Part of the work we undertake is providing medical and clinical support to clinical trials run by clients. Part of the role is to review data from clinical trials including adverse event and serious adverse event information.

ProPharma Partners Limited will ensure that the data held on subjects does not contain any personal identifiers. The data held in the database are pseudo-anonymised and we do not have access to the code. We do not down load personal data from website, any data downloaded will only identify study participants by the study number and year of birth or age.

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