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Client companies of ProPharma Partners International, Inc. include multinational pharmaceutical, publicly funded biotechnology companies and late and early stage private companies.  ProPharma reaches and interfaces with client companies in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.

South Korea Pharma inlicensing strategy provides financing opportunites to development stage companies with novel late stage products and devices: Click to view

Cyclic Mastalgia: A Large, Misunderstood Medical Condition Which Provides a Clear Opportunity for Novel Drug Development: Click to view

This Cyclic Mastalgia report evolved from a recent ProPharma Project. The Report provides an assessment of the Cyclic Mastalgia, defines the condition, addresses current therapeutic approaches, and estimates the market potential. In addition a video is attached from Robert Mansel, MD, a leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Cyclic Mastalgia in which he discusses the condition and the unmet needs. Following are highlights from the report:

  • Cyclic Mastalgia is poorly understood and often minimalized by health care providers
  • The most common form of breast pain and represents a clear, unmet need
  • More than 10 MM women have moderate to severe cyclic mastalgia
  • Affects sleep, physical and sexual activity and often leads to anxiety and depression
  • Women indicated in primary research that they have had cyclic mastalgia for a median of 13.5 years; it is persistant and long-lived
  • Current therapeutics are marginally effective or have significant side effects that limit their use
  • An effective and well-tolerated therapy could achive sales of $250-500 MM in the United States alone [based on a broader analysis]


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